Staying on top of organizational and technological complexity & change – SAM at Zurich

Timo Fiedel is an IT professional with 20 years of experience in IT outsourcing and software asset management. Having worked in many companies in IT, finance, sales, procurement and asset management he has a broad commercial and IT background. He has spent most of his career in international businesses and has enjoyed living and working in many countries and with people from different cultural backgrounds.

In his lecture, Timo Fiedel will give an overview of the global Software Asset Management at the Zurich Insurance Group, revealing the best way of staying on top of organizational and technological complexity & change. Timo will outline the “must haves” & “must does” to respond to and overcome challenges such as organizational complexity, disruptive technologies, and MADO events. Timo will present Zurich’s approach to delivering SAM in a global, heterogeneous and multi-sourced IT Environment.

Value of Offense vs. Defense – Core strategic principles for Enterprise SAM at Optum

“I was called to do SAM while working as a Six Sigma Black Belt and graduating with my MBA in entrepreneurship. I believe both SAM and ITAM are careers that choose you, like a vocation.“ 
As Director of Enterprise Software Asset Management (the offense of Optum’s SAM team), I lead the Optum‘s Enterprise Software Governance program, leadership council, and core team.  Our teams have established an agile software governance framework and RASCI to support simplification and optimization of software asset management for both infrastructure and desktop software.
Prior to my current role, I successfully led multiple change initiatives varying in size and systemic impact within for-profit and non-profit companies. I am an innovative leader focused on collaboration and continuous improvement, driving to increase business and IT value. My passion is translating complex information into compelling solutions delivered at the right place, time and format.


In her speech, Amber Dagit will present Optum‘s SAM strategy and its implementation by highlighting the Offense / Defense Approach. After all, can you win the game without strong Offense and Defense? How do you drive optimization efforts when your team is under constant attack? Learn how Optum created two distinct and parallel teams to protect the company interests and drive innovation while improving overall IT AM maturity.

Classic versus Cloud SAM: How to get your organization ready for the NEW Cloud World

Jochen Hagenlocher is the Global Head of Software Asset Management for Novartis. In this role he was responsible for the Development and Implementation of the Novartis Global SAM program. He has been working at Novartis since 2004. Prior to that Jochen Hagenlocher was employed for 10+ years with an international SAP consultancy helping Fortune 100 companies to implement SAP around the globe. Mr Hagenlocher holds a masters degree of Business Administration from the University of Mannheim.


In his speech, Jochen will focus on managing the challenges related to cloud services (XaaS) by highlighting the differences between the classic and the Cloud Software Asset Management. As most companies, Novartis as well faces the challenge of navigating a hybrid world and dealing with both IT on premise and as a Service. Jochen will explain what this means for SAM by illustrating this with the overall software asset management strategy of Novartis, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide and underlining the lessons learned in this conext.




Best Practice Sharing and Project Evaluation

Working out Loud is one of the main credos, SAMS USA 2017 features. TOP speakers and experienced early adopters are shaping the schedule so as managers heavily engaged with still ongoing projects. Connecting different levels of experience and structures from diverse industry backgrounds, the agenda builds on the whole range of perspectives on the most critical challenges in the SAM & SLM landscape.

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